Conti X-One 2G Espresso Machine


The X-ONE has been designed for the aspiring barista and high volume operator.

We have built upon the features pioneered within the CC100 model by incorporating advanced electronics, the X-ONE allows the user to monitor coffee quality, machine performance and provides audit trails to help keep any business in touch with their sales.


  • Flow Control: Not only does the X-ONE feature the incredible temperature stability achieved by PID controls and unique ‘Flow Control’ system allows small adjustments to be made to the group temperature to maintain a very stable temperature.
  • Display: Eye level digital display provides valuable information such as shot timers, boiler temperature & coffee counters.
  • Diagnostic: Unique machine diagnostics provide the user with important maintenance advice such as cleaning, service and water filter change reminders – all displayed on digital screen.
  • Steam Levers: Dual Function Lever activated steam arms, making texturing milk simple and fast, saving the barista valuable time. These levers also feature a sprung loaded ‘purge’ function to help eliminate milk build up within the steam arm itself.
  • Barista Light: Illuminate the vast working area to make sure the barista is working clean and the drinks are being poured to perfection.Custom Options: Fully interchangeable panels, which can be painted or wrapped to feature your preferred colour or add graphics and company logo


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  • Available in 2 and 3 groups
  • Integrated rotative pump
  • Copper boiler
  • Thermosyphon system with adjustable flow control
  • Electric heating only
  • Boiler temperature controlled by PID system
  • Volumetric dosing
  • 2 pressure gauges : boiler pressure and pump pressure
  • 1 x mixed hot water device with adjustable volume
  • 2 x steam wands activated by a lever offering a purge feature
  • Automatic fill up of the boiler
  • Heating element protected by klixon
  • Barista lights over the working space
  • Display for easy use of the machine

Options :

  • Tall cup version (height = 160mm)
  • Solo kit (machine can work with a water container)
  • Cappucinatore
  • Porter filter 3 cups
Additional information

Additional information

Weight 58-65 kg
Dimensions 52.7 × 76.8 × 55.3 cm
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